Fringe Fitness is designed for people who are bored of the usual workout routine. If you are ready to try something new for a workout, Fringe Fitness is available to give you the cardio and strength training you need in a fun and relaxed environment. No prior experience needed! Fringe Fitness provides an alternative to mainstream fitness activities that still accomplish a full body workout.

Stacey Merrick

Stacey is an avid enthusiast of snowboarding, hooping, cycling, yoga, and double dutch. She also loves swimming, scuba diving, hiking, and roller skating. In July 2011 she became an official league member of the Bay Area Derby Girls roller derby league.

Stacey was a member of the Seattle adult double dutch team, OntheDouble (dutch), from 2008 - 2010. She has performed both double dutch and hoop dance at venues in Seattle including the Columbia City Theater and the Jewel Box Theater, and she performed with OntheDouble at Artopia and the Fremont Fair.

Stacey is a certified personal trainer, she completed a yoga teacher training course in 2002 at Shakti Vinyasa, and she worked/lived/played in the ski industry for 7 years. Her knowledge of personal training and experience with both teaching and participating in many different sports gives her the know-how needed to teach her students how to exercise effectively and safely, and of course, have fun doing it.